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April 11 2017

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March 28 2015

March 22 2015

October 29 2014

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August 07 2014

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October 20 2013

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September 20 2013

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September 10 2013

Eva Green
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June 12 2013

January 31 2013

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January 03 2013

November 11 2012

November 09 2012

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November 04 2012

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“A friend of mine found this old photograph in a shoe box in his Grandmother’s attic. On the back was written… Aunty Mary and her “friend” Ruth, 1910. I wonder if those quotation marks imply what I think they do, by the look on their faces, I would say they do”

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October 31 2012

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October 20 2012

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fot. Kate Edwards
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October 17 2012

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October 14 2012

October 07 2012

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